Soups aren’t just for the dead of winter anymore. This collection of healthy and hearty soups holds a wealth of nutritional value without being heavy. Soups are the ultimate comfort food, that’s why I’ve created healthier versions of classics like chicken noodle soup and a vegetarian version of chili. The creamy textures and bold flavors found in these recipes are perfect for a light dinner or quick lunch. Many of these recipes can be made without dairy or vegan friendly, to help keep you on track with your goals. As a bonus, these soups provide a medley of flavors you can enjoy year-round.

Easy Taco Soup Recipe

This delicious Taco Soup Recipe is quick & easy to make and loaded with seasoned ground turkey, diced tomato, black beans, chickpeas, and corn. It’s…

Vegetarian Chickpea Stew

Cozy Vegetarian Chickpea Stew simmered with sautéed veggies in a flavorful vegetable stock is a comforting, healthy recipe. This dish makes a tasty plant-based meal your entire…

Chicken Vegetable Soup

Delicious and nourishing Chicken Vegetable Soup is filled with hearty veggies like zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, and sweet potatoes. And the addition of chicken packs plenty…

Easy Italian Wedding Soup

This Cozy and delicious Italian Wedding Soup recipe is protein-packed and incredibly nourishing. Made with beef meatballs, plenty of vegetables, and orzo pasta all simmered…

Beef and Barley Soup 

This Beef and barley soup recipe is an easy one-pot dinner that's perfect for the winter season. Rich, satisfying, and loaded with tender beef, whole-grain barley, and veggies.

Creamy Turkey Lemon Rice Soup

This healthy Turkey Lemon Rice Soup is the perfect bowl to cozy up to. The perfect family-friendly meal, this recipe will get your dinner on the table in less than an hour!