Kid Friendly

Establishing healthy eating habits can be the ultimate meal-time battle. Trust me; I have five children. I can identify with your struggle. Children with healthier diets tend to concentrate better in school and have fewer health complications as they grow up. Cook up meals the whole family can enjoy while helping your kids establish healthy eating habits. From fluffy pancakes to healthy (and delicious) cookies, these kid-friendly recipes are sure to be a hit! If you have a budding chef on your hands, many of these recipes are simple enough where your kiddos can join in on the fun in the kitchen.

Carrot Cake Energy Bites 

Simple, yet delicious Carrot Cake Energy Bites taste just like a slice of carrot cake! These no-bake healthy snacks are made with nuts, vanilla, dates, shredded carrot,…

Fluffy Protein Waffles Recipe

​This Fluffy Protein Waffles Recipe is so fluffy and delicious! Make this low-carb waffles recipe that is packed with protein and easy to make that will impress your whole family. It is easy to make…

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