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Top 13 No Equipment Workouts – Part 3

January 21, 2015

So far in our no equipment workout plan, we have learned a number of different ways to get fit from home without using any special tools or machines. We will continue that idea in part three of our guide by looking at even more ways to lose weight and build muscle without equipment. Incorporate these exercises into your at-home routines, and you will have a better body in no time!

Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our guide for more home fitness ideas!

Leg Raises

No matter how fit you are, leg raises are tough to do. These workouts target your ab muscles and tone your core with seemingly little movement. To do a leg raise, lie flat on the ground with your back on the floor and arms tucked close to your sides. Slowly raise your legs up, keeping your knees straight and your head on the ground. You should instantly feel the burn. Lower your legs until they hover just above the ground, keeping them straight and flat. Raise them back up and repeat as necessary.

High Jumps

High jumps can actually be kind of fun if you have something you really want to celebrate. Stand up straight, and then bare down to take a jump. Leap as high as you can, pushing your arms toward the sky. If you repeat this home workout several times, you will start to feel tension on your leg and arm muscles. Get out all your excitement and make your body look better all at the same time!

Superman Workouts

If you have kids, you may have seen them do this move without realizing it was a popular no equipment exercise routine. To do a Superman, simply lay down on the ground with your arms out above your head and your belly touching the floor. Then raise your arms and legs up so that only your core is touching the ground, keeping your body in a straight position. Hold for up to two minutes, and then lay back down again. Repeat in sets of 5-20 Superman poses.

We still have one more set of at home workouts to show you! Read over Part 4 of our guide for even more great ideas for getting fit right at home.

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