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The Secret To Staying Hydrated In The Summer Heat

July 13, 2015

With the summer heat hanging over your head, it is important to keep your body cooled and hydrated. This may require you to drink more water than you are used to, just so you can have the energy you need to get through the day. Listed below are some helpful tips for staying hydrated in the summer heat so you can keep your body functioning the way it is supposed to.

Why You Need Extra Hydration In The Summer

The hot temperatures in the summer cause your body to perspire (sweat) more. This perspiration causes you to use up more water at a faster rate. If you swim, bike, play tennis, or participate in other activities during these sunny months, your body will once again use up more water than normal. That is why it is important to get extra hydration in the summer, so you don’t get weak and dehydrated.

How To Stay Hydrated In The Heat

Here are some important tips to help you stay hydrated in summer:

  • Put yourself on a water drinking schedule. You may drink a glass an hour, a bottle with each meal, a glass in between each meal…whatever the case may be. The goal here is to get you in the habit of drinking water throughout the day so it becomes part of your routine.
  • Take sips all day long. If you cannot chug a full bottle of water in one setting, try taking small sips of water all day long. Every 10 minutes or so, take a sip of water. This will not seem like much at first, but you will be amazed by the water you get through over time.
  • Add flavor to your water. You can add some fresh fruit or a pre-made drink mix to your water, if you don’t like the taste of basic H2O. You can also play around with different filters and different brands of water to see what you are most willing to drink.
  • Drink more after you work out. If you go on a bike ride or take a trip to the gym, make sure you drink a lot of water after you are finished. You may not want to drink too much while you are working out to avoid feeling like you have a heavy gut, but you should get hydrated before and after.

If you can follow the tips above during the summer, you will be able to keep your body regulated and avoid the serious health risks that come with dehydration.

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