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Simple Home Workouts You Can Do While You Clean House

January 3, 2015

Whether you’re a bachelor, a stay-at-home mom, a clean freak or a couch potato, you will eventually have chores to take care of. As these chores begin to pile up, you may find it difficult to keep your house clean and your body fit at the same time. If you are having a hard time balancing your housework and your fitness regimen, you should check out these simple home workouts you can do while you clean house. Make the best of both worlds and maximize every second of the day.

Laundry Folding Walks

What do you do when you fold laundry? Sit on the couch and watch daytime TV? Instead of doing that, you could walk or even jog around your house, all while using your hands to fold clothes. Make a mini-lap between some of the rooms in your home, and then pick up one or two articles of clothing to fold while you walk a lap. You could put the clothes up during the walk as well, or you could organize them into piles to put up later. When you finish the process, you’ll feel productive in your weight loss from every angle.

Dusting Weight Lifts

For the most part, you only need one hand to dust your home. Spray some dusting liquid on a rag and start making your rounds with one arm. In the meantime, you can out a small hand-weight in the other arm to lift as you go. Switch every few minutes like you would if you were just sitting down, and you’d be amazed by how much of a workout you can fit in.

Mopping Dance Moves

No matter how you choose to mop your floors, you can dance at the same time. If you put rags on your feet and move around manually, you can move your feet in a zigzag pattern to the beat of your favorite music. If you use a mop or a Swiffer, you can still dance as you move across the floor. You can also do this when you sweep or vacuum, depending on what kind of floors you have. Turn this into something fun, and you might be able to burn calories in the process.

Other Home Workout Options

Think about other ways you can combine workouts with your chores so you can make the most of your time in the day. Having a lot to do is no excuse for letting your body get out of shape. Once you learn how to multi-task, you’ll wonder how you ever cleaned anything without working out!

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