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How To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

August 26, 2015

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It may not be the place you spend most of your time in, but it is a place that you use every single day. If you have limited storage or an oddly shaped kitchen, you may have a hard time arranging the cabinets to suit your needs and the space at the same time. Learning how to properly organize your kitchen cabinets will give you a chance to really enjoy your room for all that it is worth. Here are some tips to help you get your kitchen cabinets looking their best.

Make Your Dishes More AccessibleĀ 

You need to make some dishes more accessible than others. I’m not very tall, so I put all of my plates and glasses on the bottom shelf of the upper cabinets. This makes them easy to reach at all times. Try to put your dishes in a way that makes them convenient when you need them most. Don’t hide your coffee cups behind your wine glasses if you drink coffee every morning. You may be amazed by how much of a difference thinking like this can make for you.

Note that you may want your dishes to be close to the dish washer, just to make it easier to put them up when they are clean.

Plan Your Pans Around Your Cooking HabitsĀ 

If you do not cook very often, your pots and pans may not be much of a priority in your cabinets. If you cook daily though, you will need to plan your kitchen organization around the pots and pans you use regularly. You may have them hanging on a rack or neatly placed in your lower cabinets, storing cookie sheets and other flat pans under the oven. As a whole, your pots and pans need to be located near the oven because that is where you are most likely to use them. Put the pans you use most in front, and find room for everything else in your shelves.

Adjust Your Ingredients Around Your Pans And Dishes

Put your cooking ingredients around the stove so they are easy to access for cooking. You may be able to put snacks in a far away cabinet or in a low drawer that your kids have access to. Spices, oils, grains, and the like will need to be as close to the stove as possible, unless you have a certain area of the kitchen where you typically prepare meals. In that case, make your adjustments accordingly

If you have multiples of certain ingredients, like a spice you use regularly or common kitchen staples (sugar, flour, etc.), place them in order of expiration date. When you buy more of the same ingredient, put the new set in the back, behind what you are currently using. This will help you avoid wasting food because of the expiration dates.

Do a kitchen overhaul in your home, and you will once again enjoy cooking healthy meals for your family.

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