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Check Out The New Sonic Low Calorie Sodas

June 12, 2015

America’s favorite drink stop now has exciting new menu options for the fitness fanatics among us. The fast food chain has introduced a set of made you order low-calorie sodas that taste great and won’t hurt your figure. If you’re looking for a quick treat during a break at work or just something to tickle your taste buds, one of these sodas could turn into your new obsession.

Flavor Combinations And Nutritional Facts 

The Sonic low-calorie sodas come in a wide range of flavors, all customizable to suit your specific taste. Of course, adding a special flavor to your soda may add to the calories, but you can customize the sodas as you like. Here is a look at some of the new flavor combinations, as well as the nutritional facts for each.

Note that these are for small sizes, which are approximately 260-300 grams.

Sonic Splash Sunshine Berry
Calories – 20

Sonic Splash Mango-Lime
Calories – 0

Sonic Splash Blackberry
Calories – 0

Sonic Splash Blackberry and Pineapple
Calories – 35

Sonic Splash Raspberry
Calories – 0

Sonic Splash Mango
Calories – 0

Sonic Splash Peach
Calories – 0

Sonic Splash Mint
Calories – 0

Sonic Splash Peach and Mint
Calories – 0

Sonic Splash Hawaiian Wave
Calories – 40

Mix And Match To Make Your Own

Since you can make your soda whatever you want, try playing around with some of the different options above to see what you get. For instance, I love the pineapple mango flavors of the Hawaiian Wave, and they would probably taste great with a little mint added in. It’s creative stuff like that that keeps my mind racing when coming up with new recipes to post around here. Test out some crazy combinations after you find a soda you love and see what works best for you. With the variety Sonic has to offer, you could spend your whole life making new flavors and never run out of ideas!

Save Money On Your New Sweet Obsession 

Since this is Sonic, if you can enjoy half price drinks during happy hour, which is from 2-4PM. Sonic also offers 99 cent large drinks before 10AM, if you want to grab a soda before you go to work. I have tested several of the new soda options, and they’ve all tasted really great so far. Check it out for yourself and see what you think!

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