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Last Minute Bikini Body Secrets

June 18, 2015
Woman in yellow bikini lying on tropical beach at Seychelles

You can’t get a bikini body overnight, but there are some things you can do to keep your body looking great in bikini season. If you are worried about looking bloated or overweight in your swimsuit, you can make changes to your diet to ensure that doesn’t happen. Here are some last minute bikini body secrets you can try this summer.

Avoid Carbs

Going on a low carb diet isn’t the best idea for your body long-term, but it will help you temporarily avoid bloating. Try to stay away from white grain carbs a day or two before you plan to hit the beach. You can still incorporate these into your overall food regimen, but avoid them if you know you plan to go out.

Keep Alcohol To A Minimum

That ate night beach party may be a great opportunity to drink, but the fact is that alcohol causes bloating. If you go back out the next day, you may look heavier than you are because your body is trying to get rid of the alcohol. Enjoy yourself as much as you want (within reason), but don’t forget about what may happen if you drink too much. There’s more at risk than just your dignity.

Stay Away From Sodium

Sodium is another cause of bloating that could detract from your bikini body. Most processed foods at fast food restaurants are extremely high in sodium. The saltiness of these foods and other junk you may throw in your body will cause you to crave high-caffeine sodas that will also hurt your beach bod. It’s best to just stick with healthy foods over the summer if you want to keep yourself in shape.

Drink Plenty Of Water

We cannot emphasize this enough – you have to drink water to keep your body healthy. You just do! If you are more active in the summer than you are in the winter, you may need to increase your water intake to match your new activity levels. This is a good idea to do regardless because you will burn extra calories and sweat more with the heat outside. You need to replenish your fluids constantly to avoid dehydration.

Preparing for bikini season requires months of working out, but these last minute bikini body secrets may be the extra boost you need to look fabulous this summer. Enjoy the sun, get a nice ta, and start planning for your next fitness adventure.

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