How To Work Off Your Baby Weight

September 18, 2014

Having a baby is one of the greatest moments in life, but it comes with a side effect that most women dread – baby weight. Chances are you will put on some sort of weight when you get pregnant with your child, and that weight may not fall off on its own after you give birth. That’s when you have to put forth a little extra effort to get your body back in shape.

Here are some quick tips you can use to work off your baby weight.

Exercise With Your Baby

You don’t have to wait until nap time to get a good workout in. You just have to find ways to incorporate your newborn into your workout routine. One of my personal favorite exercises is the “kissy pushup,” where you lay your baby on the ground and kiss him every time you come down in a pushup. If your baby is a little older, you might be able to give him a raspberry on his belly during the down motions or even tickle him in a one-handed pushup. It all depends on how your body is toned.

Play around with some other basic fitness plans to see if you can make your baby a part of your weight loss.

Focus On Healthy Eating

You might not be able to do too much exercising right after you give birth because your body will still be sore and healing. That won’t stop you from maintaining a good diet though. Make sure that the foods you eat are rich in nutrients and proteins, especially if you are breast feeding. The good foods you put into your body will translate to good milk for your baby. Simply staying away from fast food and learning to make great meals at home could be all you need to get your body back.

Walk And Hydrate

For the most simplistic weight loss plan after pregnancy, start taking walks with your baby on a daily basis. Walk around the park, the mall, the neighborhood, the grocery store – wherever you find yourself that day. Make sure you drink plenty of water along the way because that will keep you hydrated and energized. You can bask in the glory of being a new mom and work off your baby weight at the same time. What more could you possibly want?

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