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Here’s A Great Plan To Lose Weight, Build Muscle And EARN Yourself A Great Physique Part 1

April 17, 2014

So much has been and is being written about health and fitness and how to achieve happiness with your body’s condition. So let’s keep it simple and if you just follow these guidelines you will be guaranteed success!

First off, I am a medical doctor and I have competed at the World level, nationally and I have won numerous bodybuilding competitions always placing first! Let me share some of my secrets supported by medical FACT and SCIENCE IN ORDER to help you become a success story in losing weight.

Ask yourself “How do I start my day?” because the beginning of your day will determine the rest of your day, AND, at one day at a time, the rest of your life. You need to have an attitude of “I can do this!” and “I WANT to do this”. Preferably start your workout off first thing in the morning after arising. This is when your body is primed for fat loss and ready to catabolize (break down) stubborn calories. The key is to workout on an empty stomach so first thing in the morning would be  your best option. Upon arising, the body is hormonally primed with catabolic hormones, which are necessary for fat burning. YOU WILL NOT BURN FAT IF YOU CONSUME CARBOHYDRATES AND SPIKE YOUR INSULIN LEVELS that is why exercising on an empty stomach through various metabolic pathways will leach calories from stored fat.  Somehow and some way make the time to get up and get going early in the morning. You can have a cup of black coffee but keep it black without sugar or cream or any artificial sweeteners that including splenda, equal, stevia/truvia. The caffeine will help facilitate the fat burning process by three-fold, jumpstart your energy, burn fat and really focus on the workout ahead. If you cannot consume caffeine or any stimulants, that’s fine. Drink plenty of water and get to working out.

Something that is funny yet also very frustrating to see is when I know people are trying to lose weight, and I see them doing everything backwards when they go to the gym. Not only that, but these same people have looked the same for ten years with no changes in body mass or lean composition. They have a hard time eating the right foods during the day but most importantly training and exercising correctly to make a difference is the biggest challenge to losing weight and becoming a success story for themselves, their friends and their family. Think about it. If you can workout and eat properly, there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from losing weight, altering your body composition in a positive direction while aiming to look great and FEEL great.

build muscle burn fat part1You may choose to stretch or start your workout with a short 5-10 minute warm-up to prime the body and get some blood flowing into the muscles but do not engage in more than a 5-10 minute warm up. In either setting, if you’re at the gym or at home, start your workout with weight training (resistance training) using free weights (preferably) or with machines for the first 30 minutes. Stay intense here. This is where short immediate stints of muscle contraction and exercising the muscles with little rest in between sets (approximately 60 seconds rest max). This rapid back-to-back activity will generate high consumption of glycogen stores in the muscle and liver. The initial 30 minutes of anaerobic workout (weight lifting) will not burn the fat on your body but it will start using your body’s glycogen storage. Once glycogen stores are depleted in muscle and liver, the body is ready to shift for long-term fuel to preserve the glycogen for glucose dependent organs. You have to burn through this glycogen storage BEFORE your body even starts utilizing your fat calories stored on your body. Take advantage of your body’s stored calories and put them to good use by building up some lean, powerful muscles for your new physique.

Be warned that this process will feel uncomfortable at first especially if your body is tuned into calories each morning like a ritual but take great pride and satisfaction in knowing that you are melting away the unwanted body fat that you’ve been carrying around for much too long. Also, be patient with yourself and don’t give up. Think about how may years of your life it took for you to get in the condition you are in whether overweight or out of shape so the weight will not disappear overnight. Rather, a strict steady diet and exercise program over a prolonged period of time will help you achieve your goals realistically . You can do this!

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