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Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

October 27, 2015

Most people make grilled cheese sandwiches on the stove with plain white bread and a slice of Kraft Singles. When you think about it though, grilled cheese was meant to be made on the grill. If you’re going to take your grilled cheese to its rightful home on the grill, you might as well jazz it up a bit. Here are some simple ways to make gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.


Bacon makes everything better. Burgers, steaks, and even ice cream taste better with bacon in them. Next time you have some extra bacon left from breakfast, save it for your grilled cheese sandwiches. Cook the bacon on the grill before you put it in the sandwich. Then add it on top of the cheese and let the cheese melt over it. If you want to go the “low fat” route, use turkey bacon instead. Either way, you’re sure to have a delicious sandwich to munch on.


Grilled cheese sandwiches don’t need sauce, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little to them. Sundried tomato dressing pairs well with grilled cheese because it has a rich, smoky flavor to it. You could try cracked pepper mayonnaise, ranch dressing, thousand island, or even plain old ketchup. Just make sure that whatever you add doesn’t take away from the cheese. It should enhance it.

Grilled Vegetables

If you want to add a healthy twist to your grilled cheese, try adding in some vegetables. If grilled onions are a little too sweet for your taste buds, you might try grilled bell peppers or jalapenos. You could also use tomatoes, squash, banana peppers, radishes, etc. Pair all of this with a nice sauce or some kind of meat, and you could have a whole feast made from a simple sandwich.

Upgraded Ingredients

Why stop at cheddar or American cheese when you make your sandwiches? You could try provolone, asiago, Gouda, Swiss – whatever kind of cheese you like. Test out different combinations until you find something you like. You can also try different kinds of bread to see if you like anything special. Artisan breads bring out a uniquely country flavor, but you could also try rye, multi-grain, wheat, pumpernickel, or anything else you want. Your local bakery probably has a variety of specialty breads that would work well for sandwiches. They may even have cheeses that you can’t get at the grocery store. Think about your options and you’re sure to enjoy every one of your grilled cheese sandwiches.

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