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How to Find The Perfect Running Shoes

May 13, 2015
Female runner tying sportshoes laces for running on road. Athlete getting ready for training.

Having a good pair of running shoes can significantly improve your cardio workouts. With the right traction and support under your feet, you can transfer your energy into pure weight loss and enhance your physique as a whole. There are a wide variety of running shoes to choose from on the market, to the point that you may be overwhelmed with your options. This quick guide will explain how to find the perfect pair of running shoes for your body so you can start off on the right foot – literally!

Get Tight Shoes That Still Let Your Feet Breathe

Your running shoes should hug your feet like a glove. With that in mind, you want to avoid getting a pair of shoes that are so tight that they constrict your feet and hurt over time. The goal is to get a shoe that will not slide off your feet but will still allow each foot to breathe as needed. You may have to try out a few different options to find the right fit.

Try On Different Sizes

You need to make sure that you get the right size shoe for your foot. If the shoe is too long, you will slide in the heel as you run. If the shoe is too short, your toes will get bound while you are moving, and your feet will hurt very quickly. Your running shoes size may be different than your regular shoe size, so do not be afraid to test out different options in the store. It may take a few rounds of trial and error to find the right shoe size for your foot.

Look For Traction And Stability

In most cases, a good pair of running shoes will focus more on function than aesthetics. You are not buying these shoes to look cute with the latest outfit you purchased. Instead, you are getting them to help you run successfully. Because of this, you should look for a shoe that has good traction on the bottom and has firm support on the sides. This will prevent you from falling, rolling your ankle, and getting hurt in general.

Don’t Forget – Comfort!

With all of the other factors in mind, you should make sure that you were running shoes are comfortable to wear. This is especially true if you need to wear them at work or running errands after your jog. They should have a cushioned sole that will not make you feel like you are walking on flat ground. As long as the padding is not so slick that it makes you lose your balance, you should be able to enjoy your cushioned running shoes for years to come.

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