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What Fad Diets Do To Your Body

August 21, 2015

Fad diets are everywhere, and they are so easy to fall for. People are always looking for easy ways to lose weight and look better, and fad diets seem like an easy way out. Sadly, the vast majority of these dietary plans do more harm than good, and they end up causing people to gain weight in the long run. Before you fall into the trap left by fad diets, you need to get a reality check. Here’s what they might do to your body.

Stretch Marks And Sagging Skin Due To Rapid Weight Loss 

When you start to lose weight rapidly, your skin doesn’t have time to adjust. This will leave you with a ton of stretch marks and dangling skin. Some programs out there will allow you to get rid of stretch marks, but the only way to get rid of excess skin is through cosmetic surgery. It is better to lose a little bit of weight over a long stretch of time than to lose a ton of weight in a few short days. To avoid stretch marks, drop the pounds progressively.

Temporary Routines With Short-Term Results 

With a fad diet, you have to go through temporary changes to lose a lot of weight. The problem is that these changes don’t lead to good habits. You’re not making adjustments that you can take with you long term. You are making short, sporadic tweaks that will only last for the duration of the diet. Once old habits start to sink in, you will put all the weight back on or more. Then none of the struggle will be worth the stress.

Extreme Stress On Your Body And Your Mind 

When you put your body through sudden changes, you’re bound to get stressed out. This is not going to be good for your skin, your energy levels, your hair, your teeth, your eyes, or anything else. Sure, you’ll lose weight, but at what cost? If you end up bald, wrinkled, and full of pimples, will the stress be worth the weight loss? Probably not. The minute you get sucked into a plan like this, you add a ton of pressure to your mind. You don’t need that, and you can get fit without it.

Fad diets are terrible for your body. They flee from the media just as quickly as they come into it. Stick to eating healthy foods and working out in order to lose weight, and you will see a good transformation.

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