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Unexpected Factors That Influence Your Fitness

November 10, 2015
Portrait of mature woman stretching her arms and looking away at gym. Beautiful woman performing yoga in warrior pose, Virabhadrasana.

When you exercise, it is important to choose workouts that will work for your body’s specific needs. Generic workouts may help you on one level or another, but you will need to modify them to fit your needs. By analyzing the fitness factors that are specific to your body, you will have the best possible chance of getting the results you want from your workouts. Here are some of the many factors that you need to keep in mind.


One factor that influences which workouts will work for you is your age. While you can get a rock solid frame at any age, you may need to make a slight adjustment to see the right results for you. For instance, if you are young, you may not see positive results while your muscles are still developing. Some people have to wait until their late tensor 20s to truly get the body that they want in life. If you are an older person, you may need to limit your workouts until your muscles start to rebuild themselves. Some will deteriorate over time. Think about how old you are and what sort of condition your body is in at the moment. That will make a big difference in the effectiveness of your exercises.


Another factor that will determine the exercises you can try is your gender. Men and women can use the same workouts for the most part, but hormones may play some influence on your results. Men usually need a higher calorie intake level than women, so that could also adjust what you do during your routine. It is possible for a man and woman to have identical needs, but it is not likely in the end.


When you think about it, your lifestyle will also impact which workouts will work for you. If you have a lot of time to spend at home, you may need no equipment workouts to get the results you’re looking for. If you get the chance to go out, you may go to the gym to get the body you have been dreaming about. There are all these variables that come into consideration, which is why it is wise to come up with a plan before you blindly approach your ab workouts. This will give you goals to keep and should ultimately improve the results you get.


If you are not motivated to get down to a certain weight, you are never going to do so. The amount of motivation you have for weight loss is going to make a big difference in the type of results you see from working out. There is a reason why “thin” and “think” look so much alike. You have to think about your goals and your physical abilities so you can get thin in the future. Try to stay as driven as possible so you can get the slamming body you are dying for.


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