Cooking for my kids-Green Bean Stew

June 5, 2014
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So a lot of you mommies have asked me what I cook my kids and what my kids eat and whether they eat the same food that I eat. It is really hard to make your kids eat sometimes let alone make them eat something healthy. My kids are all different and they are picky eaters. A couple of them like meat more, most like chicken and only one of them will eat fish. So what do I do?

I certainly cant make 3 different meals to suit each child. It will be a nightmare. They always enjoy the meals I make for myself and my husband. They seem to enjoy eating Quinoa now. But I honestly don’t have them eating exactly what we eat. My husband and I tend to eat less carbs and more veggies and proteins. But our kids need it all. They are growing. So I do feed them everything so long as it is whole foods, not processed foods and very little treats.

An example is our favorite dish. The Green Beans Stew. I make this mostly using chunks of chicken breasts. But my eldest asked me to please make it this time with meat. Either way you go its still delicious and nutritious. I do make it with white rice for the kids and I cook quinoa for myself.  I make enough to last a couple of days. They are great for left overs. My kids will eat this for a few days without complaining.

You can find the recipes for the green beans stew under Recipes and Entrée or just click here

I hope you enjoy making this for your kids and if you try it let me know! Stay tuned for more cooking for my kids posts. Cheers!

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