Convincing Your Kids Not To Eat Too Much Trick Or Treat Candy

October 3, 2014

Halloween is coming soon, and for most parents, that means a solid week or more of hyperactive children hooked on Halloween candy. Trick or treating is a fun tradition that children look forward to every year, but it can also be a time of unhealthy snacking and unnecessary sugar rushes. If you want to keep your children calm and healthy after Halloween, check out these tips for convincing your kids not to eat too much Halloween candy.

Give In For The First Night

When your children finish trick or treating, they are naturally going to want to break into their stash. This is a miniature Christmas for them, and quite frankly, it’s not worth fighting about. Let your children have Halloween night to rot their teeth away and get a huge stomach ache from all the candy they eat. This alone may be enough to deter them from future candy binges.

Set A Ration For The Candy

Limit the amount of candy your children are allowed to eat each day. If your kids are small, you should be able to set the candy some place high that they cannot reach. If you have older kids, you might have to stash the candy somewhere they can’t find it, or lock it away somewhere. This sounds a little extreme, but you have to think about your kids’ health. They also need to learn the importance of patience.

Turn The Candy Into A Reward

Once you get past Halloween night, you can start using Halloween candy as a reward for doing things around the house. This should not be in place of an allowance or as a reward for chores they already do. Make it for something special. If your child takes out the trash or does the dishes without being asked, bring out the candy bowl and tell him how proud you are. Don’t tell him about the extra chores at first. See if he comes up with the ideas on his own.

Have A Little Fun With It

When all else fails, you could play a prank on your children with their Halloween candy like these parents did:

Don’t let your children develop unhealthy habits because of one night of fun. Maintain your high health standards even after Halloween, and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

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