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Fitness Tips For Workaholics

November 4, 2015
Tired businesswoman sleeping in office, overtime

If you spend most of your days in an office slaving away to earn a living, you may not think it is possible for you to work out and get the body you have been dreaming of. Workaholics do have a more difficult task ahead of them when it comes to staying fit, but that does not mean that you cannot exercise in the midst of a crazy work schedule. You can make a living and still find ways to get your body in shape. You just have to know how to use your time most effectively. Here are some quick and easy fitness tips for workaholics.

Eat The Right Foods

One of the easiest things to do is to focus on your diet at work. If you only have time for a quick bite for lunch, make sure it is a healthy one. This may be a salad with grilled chicken or a light sandwich with crackers. Your diet will play a big role in your our fitness routine as a whole, so do not rely on fast food to get you through the day. Spend five minutes of your time preparing a nutritious lunch for yourself, and you will see much better results in the end.

Find Flexible Fitness Options

Try finding a work out that you can do in the car, at home, and in your office chair. This will give you a chance to build the body of your dreams, no matter where you are in the day. There are all kinds of exercises that do not require gym equipment, and you can do them during times that you are working on something else. This will maximize your efforts and give you the best chance of staying fit when you have to work.

Avoid Stress

Make sure to leave your stress from work at work. Focus on relaxing when you get home. If you are stressed out, you will not be able to see good results from your workout routines. You have to calm down and relax so your body can work at building your muscles. Tossing and turning all night will not be conducive to that. If you can calm down long enough to get through the night, you can reawaken your stress at the office and nowhere else.

Ideally, you should not be stressed at all. Think about meditation, yoga, or something else that may give you better peace of mind. It could do wonders for your body. If there is a person at work that you always seem to fight with, try to avoid him or her throughout the day. Then your body chemicals will be able to stay in balance long enough to let you see the results you want from your workouts.

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Are You Overworking Your Body?

October 30, 2015
View of tired girl after weight lifting

When you commit to getting into shape, it is natural to push yourself to do as much as possible. Even though it may seem logical to do everything you can to work out, sometimes the solution for your workout woes may be the fact that you are doing too much to your body. If you feel like you aren’t getting any results from all the hard work you do, it may be time to reevaluate your fitness strategies. Listed below are some ways to tell if you are overworking your body while exercising.

You Don’t Need To Work Out Every Day

If you think that working out on a daily basis is going to get you six pack abs, you need to realize that your body needs rest to be able to form muscles. That means that you have to gap your workouts a couple days apart so your body has a chance to get the rest it needs. Try to alternate the parts of your body that you choose to work out, or do some running to get rid of any fat that may be forming on top of the muscles. You cannot achieve the body of your dreams if you keep pushing your muscles beyond their boundaries.

You Shouldn’t Be In Tremendous Pain

While it is logical to be sore after a workout, you should not be to the point that you cannot function. That is a sign that you are working too hard to get your body where you want it to be. You have to learn to push your body to its full potential and then take it one step further – just one. If you try to double what your system can take, you will never get the toned physique of your dreams. Do moderate workouts over a consistent period of time, and you will have the best chances of achieving the body you want.

You Don’t Need To Starve

If you are trying to go on a diet to complement your workouts, make sure that you are taking in enough calories to make up for the ones that you burn. These will give you energy so you can stay up enough to actually complete your fitness routine correctly. If you are too exhausted to do the workouts, you will never be able to endure what you need to for a positive change. Everything comes down to a delicate balance in the end. Find that balance and you will be able to get your body in shape in no time.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to working out, sometimes less is more. There is nothing wrong with wanting to push yourself, but you need to do so in a way that will actually lead to results. If all you do is push and push without stopping, you will eventually do some serious damage to your body. Learn the value of moderation, and you will soon have the body you have been dreaming of.

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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

October 26, 2015
Hand of slim female with green apple

In theory, all you need is a good diet and exercise regime to lose weight. This is true to a degree, but there is more to the story than that. If you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, you need to go a couple steps beyond calorie counting and power walking. If you’re constantly asking yourself, “Why can’t I lose weight?” you may need to rethink your fitness strategies. Here are some reasons why your diet may not be working for you.

You Have Built-up Toxins In Your Body

Toxins are everywhere, from the foods you eat to the air you inhale. Over time, they can essentially clog your system, making it hard for you to lose weight. Spend some time on a cleansing diet or talk to your doctor about something a little more thorough. This will help you look a whole lot better, and it will make you feel better as well.

You Don’t Have A Consistent Eating Schedule

Bodies love routines, and they adapt to them pretty quickly. Have you ever woken up a minute or two before your alarm went off? That’s your body responding to a routine. If your eating schedule is messy, your body may hold onto food for fear that it may have to go without. The same can be said if you overly eat one day and then try to starve yourself the next to make up for it. Your body wants consistency. Get on a regular schedule so it can adjust.

Your Portions Are Too Large

Eating good food won’t mean a darn thing if your portions are too large. Some people try to eat one or two giant meals a day, and then they end up staying at the same weight forever. You should eat several small portions throughout the day so your body has time to digest the food. Instead of three square meals, you might have five or six triangular ones. You’ll still be eating the same amount of food in the end, but the reduced portions will greatly improve your chances of losing weight.

You Have A Negative Body Image

It seems silly to say that you can “think” your way to a new body, but you really can. If you constantly think about how bad you look, you’re going to continue looking that way. Buy some new clothes and try to build up your confidence a bit. Then motivate yourself to look even better. This is all mind over matter. You just have to retrain your brain.

You Are Not Truly Committed To Your Diet

If you really do want to see a positive change in your body, you need to stay committed to your diet. Don’t go off it for a few days and splurge. Stick with the plan until you see results. The more focused you are, the more likely you are to lose weight.

Follow the tips above during your diet, and you should see better results in the future.

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Setting Up A Home Gym

August 17, 2015
Exercise equipment in private gym

Setting up a home gym will give you a workout in and of itself, but it can also lead to a great looking body in the future. Before you get overly excited though, you need to understand the importance of proper equipment assembly. Missing one pulley or bolt could put your body in serious jeopardy when you start working with weights, so you have to be sure you set up your home gym correctly from the beginning. Here are some tips to ensure that you do that.

Check The Floor Strength

You need to check the strength of the floor you want to put the gym on, just to make sure it can support the weight. This isn’t necessarily a concern in a house with a concrete slab, but it may be in an older apartment. If you are unsure about the floor’s ability to handle your gym, reinforce it or call an inspector out to take a look. This may cost you a bit of money, but it will save you from setting up your home gym to fail from the start.

Leave Plenty Of Room

Your gym may only take up a small corner of your room, but you will need a lot of space to put it together. Once you spread out all the pieces and put some of them together, you will be using five times as much floor space as you would with the fully assembled unit. Make sure to clear out any furniture that may get in the way, and give yourself an open area to work with. Then you can get started on the project.

Consider Placement In Advance

As you start to put together the gym, think about where you want it in the room. Try to get the pieces close to where they will eventually be, just in case you have to move it. There is no sense in putting a gym together on one side of the room when it ultimately needs to be on the other. You don’t have to get the pieces exactly in place, but you need to be conscientious about your movements. This will make matters easier down the line.

Get The Help You Need

You most likely won’t be able to set up your home gym on your own. You are going to need someone else there to work with you. This could be a friend, a colleague, a family member, or even a group of professional assemblers. The last option would be ideal because those people could do all the work for you, and they would have the experience necessary to get the job done correctly. If you are determined to work on your own though, just make sure you have the proper support to do that.

Setting up your home gym may take a little time, but think about the pounds you’ll be able to shed with it. That frame of mind should be enough for you to push through the project and see real results.

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5 Fast Summer Fitness Tips

June 30, 2015
Young sport couple  jogging outdoor in park

Summer is here, and that can only mean one thing – swimsuit season! For many of us, this is the dreaded time of year when we shed our concealing winter clothes and face the grim reality of what our bodies have turned into over the last few months. Rather than avoiding the pool this summer, why not use this as a chance to get back in shape and show off your amazing figure? Here are 5 fast summer fitness tips guaranteed to get your body looking its best.

1 – Focus On Your Biggest Insecurities

What parts of your body do you worry about the most? Your belly, your arms, your legs…? There has to be something that bothers you more than others. Focus on that part of your body when you begin your summer workouts so you can feel confident hopping into the pool. There are exercise solutions for every unique situation.

2 Use Cardio Workouts To Lose Weight Allover

Cardio workouts, like running and walking, are great for overall weight loss. You can work these in with other no equipment fitness routines so you can get your body in shape without going to the gym. Park in the back of the parking lot when you go to a store, and make an excuse to walk or jog whenever possible. Every minute counts when you’re trying to get in shape.

3 – Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water will help you lose weight because it keeps food moving smoothly through your body. Drinking water will also help you avoid dehydration as the temperatures start to rise, which will be crucial in your health as a whole. The Institute of Medicine recommends that men drink 13 (8 oz.) cups of water a day, while women drink about 9 cups.

4 Avoid Ice Cream!

Ice cream shops get incredibly busy in the summer because their frozen treats are great solutions for cooling off in the heat. No matter how tasty that banana split may look though, you have to realize that it is riddled with calories. Even a tiny shake can be hundreds of calories, and it’s not going to fill you up before a meal. Opt for frozen yogurt or smoothies as an alternative so your cravings don’t get the best of you.

5 – Start Right Now

The sooner you start working out and eating healthy, the better you’ll look by the time you hit the beach. Don’t put off your plans until tomorrow. It’s time to rethink your body right now.

Follow these fast summer fitness tips, and you’ll be on your way to a great figure in no time!

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How To Stay Cool During Summer Workouts

June 25, 2015
Sweaty fitness woman tired after training. Caucasian female athlete sweating and exhausted after exercising on sky copy space background.

You can’t always beat the heat in the summer, especially when you’re working out. The hot weather outside may not deter your fitness plans, but they should adjust your routine a little bit. The tips below show how to stay cool during summer workouts so you don’t put your health at risk.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

It is easy to get dehydrated when the sun is burning down on you. Your body is losing more water than it normally would because it needs to sweat to stay cool. Make sure you drink plenty of water when you’re doing your summer workouts. Avoid alcohol and caffeine because those will make you even more dehydrated. If you want something to drink other than water, try Propel or Gatorade.

Pick The Right Time For Your Summer Workouts

You may not be able to work out in the middle of the day anymore because of the heat. Early morning workouts are ideal because the temperatures have been cool all night long. Alternatively, you can exercise in the late evening as the sun goes down.

Work Out Inside

Ideally, you should choose to exercise indoors where the temperature can be regulated. Getting a nice tan while you work out is a perk, but it can also wear out your body faster. If you cannot go to a gym or workout inside your home, you may go to a big store that you like and walk around there. You’ll be getting exercise this way, without having to step out in the heat.

Wear Breathable Clothing

Your clothing is going to be crucial in keeping your body cool. You want to choose pieces that will naturally wick away sweat and moisture while still allowing air to get to your skin. Sweat isn’t what cools your body off. It’s the evaporation of the sweat on the surface of your skin. Some fabrics facilitate this process more than others.

Don’t forget about your shoes! Find a breathable pair of running or tennis shoes to work out in so your feet don’t suffocate as you move.

Pace Yourself

You may not be able to go full force with your summer workouts right at the beginning. You will naturally burn more calories at this time of year because of the excessive heat. Slow down as needed until you build up the stamina to make it through a heat-filled fitness routine.

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Last Minute Bikini Body Secrets

June 18, 2015
Woman in yellow bikini lying on tropical beach at Seychelles

You can’t get a bikini body overnight, but there are some things you can do to keep your body looking great in bikini season. If you are worried about looking bloated or overweight in your swimsuit, you can make changes to your diet to ensure that doesn’t happen. Here are some last minute bikini body secrets you can try this summer.

Avoid Carbs

Going on a low carb diet isn’t the best idea for your body long-term, but it will help you temporarily avoid bloating. Try to stay away from white grain carbs a day or two before you plan to hit the beach. You can still incorporate these into your overall food regimen, but avoid them if you know you plan to go out.

Keep Alcohol To A Minimum

That ate night beach party may be a great opportunity to drink, but the fact is that alcohol causes bloating. If you go back out the next day, you may look heavier than you are because your body is trying to get rid of the alcohol. Enjoy yourself as much as you want (within reason), but don’t forget about what may happen if you drink too much. There’s more at risk than just your dignity.

Stay Away From Sodium

Sodium is another cause of bloating that could detract from your bikini body. Most processed foods at fast food restaurants are extremely high in sodium. The saltiness of these foods and other junk you may throw in your body will cause you to crave high-caffeine sodas that will also hurt your beach bod. It’s best to just stick with healthy foods over the summer if you want to keep yourself in shape.

Drink Plenty Of Water

We cannot emphasize this enough – you have to drink water to keep your body healthy. You just do! If you are more active in the summer than you are in the winter, you may need to increase your water intake to match your new activity levels. This is a good idea to do regardless because you will burn extra calories and sweat more with the heat outside. You need to replenish your fluids constantly to avoid dehydration.

Preparing for bikini season requires months of working out, but these last minute bikini body secrets may be the extra boost you need to look fabulous this summer. Enjoy the sun, get a nice ta, and start planning for your next fitness adventure.

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How To Find A Figure-Flattering Bikini

June 15, 2015

Can you believe it’s already bikini season again? This could be a great time to show off your fit and firm body, or it could be a time when you want to run for cover under a beach towel. Of course, we want you to be part of group number one! Perhaps all you need is a good swimsuit to boost your confidence to get out there this summer. Here is a quick guide explaining how to find a figure-flattering bikini.

Focus On Your Favorite Body Parts

What do you love most about your body? Your chest, your stomach, your legs, your rear? We all have that one part of our bodies that we want to show off. Let that be the focus of your swimsuit shopping adventure. If you have insecurities about certain parts of your body, choose targeted workout plans that tackle those spots. Then you will have even more to show off in your swimsuit!

Get The Right Color For Your Skin Tone

Believe it or not, the color of your bikini will help your body look better. If you get something that complements your skin tone, it will naturally accentuate your best features. Dark colors work well on just about every skin color. Bright colors like yellow or hot pink look great on tan skin, and pale colors look good on dark skin tones. Test out some different colors against your skin to see what works best for you.

Bonus Tip: The Budget Fashionista offers a thorough swimsuit skin color guide that you could check out for a better idea of what specific colors work best for your body. Read and enjoy!

Use Patterns And Textures To Trick The Eye

If there are parts of your body you want to conceal or accentuate, you could use patterns on your bikini to do that for you. Textures on the swimsuit can also do that, depending on where they are. For instance, a set of ruffles could add volume to your rear, and a set of inward-pointing lines could emphasize your cleavage and chest as a whole. Be careful though – patterns and textures can also make you look heavy or disproportioned in certain areas. Try on your swimsuit before you buy it so you don’t end up feeling insecure for no reason!

Explore Different Shapes And Waistlines

Have you ever tried a classic high-waist bikini that covers your belly button? How about a halter bikini top that covers almost all of your stomach? A skirt swimsuit bottom? Boy shorts? There are so many cuts and waistlines out there, and any one of them could turn out to be perfect for you. You might be surprised by how great you look in it!

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Safety Tips For Jogging In the Rain

May 15, 2015
Young couple running on asphalt in rainy weather splashing in puddles.

April showers create an interesting opportunity to take a walk or jog in the rain. This may be fun and even pleasant to do when there is a light sprinkle outside, but it can also be dangerous under the wrong circumstances. With the pavement slick outside, you need to make sure that you take special precautions when trying to do cardio workouts when the ground is wet. Here is a guide explaining how to stay safe while jogging in the rain so you can get the best of both worlds.

Wear Good Shoes

Having a good pair of running shoes can make a big difference in your workouts as a whole. In this case though, having running shoes with good tread on them on sure will minimize your risk of slipping and falling on the concrete. Make sure you get a pair of shoes that can grip the ground well so you can stay at sturdy as possible when it’s pouring outside. Check out our running shoes guide for more information about how to choose the perfect shoes for your workouts.

Walk Or Jog – Don’t Run

No matter what you do, do not run in the rain. You can jog, walk briskly, or walk at a normal pace, but do not run. When you run, your feet make very little contact with the ground. This puts you at risk of falling because your feet are not getting the traction they need to keep you sturdy. This theory also applies after the rain has passed if the ground is still wet. Slow down your pace and spend a little extra time walking to make up for the difference.

Jog On The Grass

If possible, try walking or jogging on the grass instead of the sidewalk or street surrounding you. You make get a little muddy doing this, but you will have a lot of extra traction to work with. The grass is essentially carpeting outside, compared to the slick smooth surface of concrete pavement. By opting for the grass, you will greatly cut back your chances of falling while jogging.

Use these helpful safety tips to work out in the rain without hurting yourself, and you will be able to they sit in these wet spring months. Don’t forget to try these pre- and post-workout foods to stay healthy during all of your fitness routines!

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How to Find The Perfect Running Shoes

May 13, 2015
Female runner tying sportshoes laces for running on road. Athlete getting ready for training.

Having a good pair of running shoes can significantly improve your cardio workouts. With the right traction and support under your feet, you can transfer your energy into pure weight loss and enhance your physique as a whole. There are a wide variety of running shoes to choose from on the market, to the point that you may be overwhelmed with your options. This quick guide will explain how to find the perfect pair of running shoes for your body so you can start off on the right foot – literally!

Get Tight Shoes That Still Let Your Feet Breathe

Your running shoes should hug your feet like a glove. With that in mind, you want to avoid getting a pair of shoes that are so tight that they constrict your feet and hurt over time. The goal is to get a shoe that will not slide off your feet but will still allow each foot to breathe as needed. You may have to try out a few different options to find the right fit.

Try On Different Sizes

You need to make sure that you get the right size shoe for your foot. If the shoe is too long, you will slide in the heel as you run. If the shoe is too short, your toes will get bound while you are moving, and your feet will hurt very quickly. Your running shoes size may be different than your regular shoe size, so do not be afraid to test out different options in the store. It may take a few rounds of trial and error to find the right shoe size for your foot.

Look For Traction And Stability

In most cases, a good pair of running shoes will focus more on function than aesthetics. You are not buying these shoes to look cute with the latest outfit you purchased. Instead, you are getting them to help you run successfully. Because of this, you should look for a shoe that has good traction on the bottom and has firm support on the sides. This will prevent you from falling, rolling your ankle, and getting hurt in general.

Don’t Forget – Comfort!

With all of the other factors in mind, you should make sure that you were running shoes are comfortable to wear. This is especially true if you need to wear them at work or running errands after your jog. They should have a cushioned sole that will not make you feel like you are walking on flat ground. As long as the padding is not so slick that it makes you lose your balance, you should be able to enjoy your cushioned running shoes for years to come.