5 Best Foods For Tummy Aches

September 28, 2014

A sore stomach can come out of nowhere and stay well past its welcome. It may cause you to avoid food entirely for fear that it will not stay long in your system. No matter how bad your digestive issues may be though, you need to get some sort of food in your body so you can have the energy to get through the day. Check out this list of the five best foods for tummy aches so you can eat well when you feel sick.

Note that this diet is NOT recommended for people who are frequently vomiting.

B – Bananas

Bananas are full of great nutrients that can replenish your body when you have an upset stomach. They act as a binding agent to firm up your stools and improve your digestion. They also taste great, providing a much-needed flavor boost when your stomach is at its worst.

R – Rice

Rice is another great food for sore stomachs. It will fill you up without making your stomach more upset than it already is, and it will absorb liquids in your digestive system like bread will. Plain white rice is great, but feel free to try other varieties. Brown rice, jasmine rice, wild rice, and more could all work well for a tummy ache.

A – Applesauce

Want an excuse to feel like a kid again? Consider this your free pass. Eating applesauce when your stomach is upset is perfectly acceptable. You will get the nutritional benefits of the apples and the sweet flavors your tongue is craving right now. This works for kids and adults alike.

T – Toast

Toast is great to eat when you have an upset stomach because it will fill you up with minimal effort. Bread acts like a sponge when it goes through your digestive track, so it will fill up your tummy even if all you do is drink water afterward. If your stomach is strong enough to handle a small sandwich with turkey, chicken, or some other deli meat, give it a try so you can get some extra protein in your diet.


No, water isn’t a food, but it is vital to drink when you have diarrhea, constipation, or other digestive issues. You need to make sure that your body stays hydrated and strong while it fights to get you feeling better. Follow the BRAT diet above with plenty of water to get yourself back in good health.

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