4 Fruity and Delicious Christmas Party Snacks

December 24, 2014

Need appetizers for a Christmas party but don’t know what to fix? These delicious and healthy holiday snacks could be just what you need! The recipes are simple, and the presentation is amazing. Try these fruity and delicious Christmas party snacks when you need a quick fix on the go.

Edible Christmas Tree

If you have ever seen something from Edible Arrangements before, you know where this recipe is headed. You will basically create a Christmas tree out of fruit that people can pull off and munch on. Form the base of the tree with an apple, sliced so it has a flat and stable bottom. Use toothpicks to attach a carrot to the top, pointed up to make a cone shape.

Use toothpicks and skewers to start attaching fruit all around the base so that it looks like a Christmas tree. Make sure to use green grapes, green apples, kiwi, cucumbers, honeydew melon and other foods to get that green look all around. You can accent this with pineapple slices, red grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe balls, and anything else you want. Top it off with a star cut from your favorite fruit, and the tree will be complete!

Strawberry Banana Candy Canes

This is such a simple recipe to make! Slice strawberries and bananas into small round and then put them in an alternating order on a plate. Shape this to bend like a candy cane, and voila! You’re finished! You could put toothpicks in each slice for people to grab and then make a dip to go along with it. Get as creative as you want.

Coconut Candy Apples

These are a tiny bit more complicated to make than the others above, but they are super impressive to look at! All you need is coconut shavings, crimson gold apples (or your favorite apples this time of year), and a red candy apple kit (you can find at most grocery stores).

Follow the instructions on the candy apply kit, and then sprinkle on the coconut just before the candy hardens. Try to cover as much as possible so it looks like freshly fallen snow. Once everything has dried, you can insert a skewer at the top for people to eat with.

If you want to make these look even more festive, you could use twigs for the holders instead. Make sure you rinse them off thoroughly before using them, and cut the ends so they slide in well on the apple. You can glue winter berries to the twigs to make them look more festive, or you could add mini ornaments to the top.

Christmas Tree Serving Platter

We’ll finish off the list with something that anyone can do. Get a serving platter that is in the shape of a Christmas tree. Fill it with green grapes, and then add raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and other fruits to create strings of garland on top of the “tree.” The end product will look great, and it should take less than five minutes to make.

Have fun with fruit this holiday season, and you’ll be the talk of the Christmas party!

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